i remember

I remember how sweet the air seemed after a spring shower, how vibrant the grass and the flowers appeared to be; every birds song more melodious and every creature at one with nature. I remember the first snow fall, how excited I was to see nature change her dress to what seemed to be the brightest white my eyes had beheld as the suns rays reflected off of it. I remember how peaceful I felt, everything was as it should be; I was a child and my world was carefree.

I remember as I began to experience life things began to change, there were times I thought nothing would ever be the same. Life has a way of blinding the eyes to the beauty that surrounds you when childhood fades from view. The eyes you have are the same ones you viewed the world through as a child, but; now the world looks different to you. With each change the more difficult life becomes; peace is illusive, hate more pronounced and the question “where is God” is on the lips of all seeking relief.

Was God just an after thought, or was He there all the time? Had I seen Him in the spring rain, the falling snow and all the nature that surrounded me as a child. Did His love give me that peacefulness, if so; how could I forget Him? It was then I remembered what my mother would always say ” prayer is the best way to start your day, it will keep the devil at bay”. I realized I had lost my way, blinded by the distractions of life I no longer saw the beauty in the Creator or His creation.

I had to escape the chains that had me bound, I remembered God is just a prayer away, always listening to hear what His children have to say; ready to forgive if we but ask and willing to restore the joy of the past. I remembered His love is everlasting, His forgiveness complete and nothing I do will stop His loving me. If your story is similar to mine and the enemy has blinded your eyes, there is hope; don’t despair, just go to God in earnest prayer. Like for me, for you He died to remove blinders from our eyes so we could behold loves pure light and escape the darkness of evils eternal night.

Life will try to make us forget, the enemy is always working against us to erase the memory of our loving Father from our view. There will be times we will fall, we just have to remember to whisper a little pray; our Father is always standing close by to help us through the trials of life.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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