Three Mary’s

As she stood there with tears running down her face and her heart breaking, she could have never imagined the intense pain she was now feeling in the beginning. Nurturing Him as only a mother could she watched Him grow, teaching Him the important facts of life, love for the Creator, for His family, and love for all created things. She watched as her baby became a man endowed with love for all, compassion, and strength.

Standing there with her was her sister, whose husband was named Clopas. Only a sister could understand the pain she was experiencing, only a sister could hold her hand at a time like this. Like with most sisters they shared an unbreakable bond! They shared secrets, laughed together and cried on each other’s shoulders in times of trouble. But this was different; neither of them could express what they were feeling.

She had been adopted into the family, the third woman standing there; He had impacted her life in ways that endeared her to Him. She received from Him what no other man had ever given her, unconditional love; no judgement just acceptance. Through her pain she thought; what will I do now, where will I go? A feeling of hopelessness swept over her as her tears poured. Standing there at the foot of the cross the women wondered how could He forgive them, remembering His words “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

What had He done to deserve this cruel death? Was it because He healed the sick? Raised the dead to life again? Made the blind to see or the deaf to hear? Maybe it was because He made the lame to walk; no, no, no it was us; all of us, it was for the sins of the whole world He was suffering. He had come to the end of His mission, soon He would utter His final words as the life force existed His body “It is finished”. The Heavenly Father’s plan to save humanity was complete, the enemy of souls was defeated; only one of His disciples followed Him to the cross and here he stood with the three Mary’s.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

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