from the heart

One of my favorite sayings is “what comes from the heart, reaches the heart”, I’m sure for most people this brings a smile to the face; the thoughts immediately go to a person or experience treasured, Unfortunately; this is not always the case, sometimes the heart is cruel, thoughtless, and unforgiving. It only considers it’s own desires whether good or bad for others is the result, how can it be trusted? When the words “I love you” are spoken to another do they hear silence because the actions displayed speak louder? How many truly understand what love requires of them?

Is your tone filled with thunder and lighting or sunshine and flowers? The heart is very fragile and easily broken, some spoken words heal while others shatter it to pieces. Many give very little credence to how important the tone of their voice is to those who are listening, how you sound reflex’s your emotions toward the listener and their heart receives what it hears. It seems words that resound the loudest are from the dark side of our natures, those ruled by passion, anger, selfishness, and even greed. The ones that cause separation, distrust, and damage; sometimes irreparable breaches in relationships come from the lips, they are from the adversary.

True love is an expression, it lives, breaths, and moves; it’s actions speak the loudest and is heard in the heart above all other voices. Love heals, forgives, sacrifices for others; it doesn’t hold grudges and it seeks always that which is honorable. How do we attain this kind of love, you ask; it can only come from the source. Love began when the breath of life was given to man, when the Creator became the creation, when the sacrifice of blood was shed for sinful man and when the grave was robbed of it’s victory. Love requires sacrifice, selflessness, patience, understanding, and unconditional forgiveness; it is seen in our actions and not heard from our lips.

Only when we surrender to Him who first loved us can we not only love other, but; love ourselves. It is then that we will know who we are in His eyes and Heart, His love will reflect to others through us; then what comes from the heart will truly reach the heart.

my revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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