riding the rails

In our country’s early history there were no cars, buses, or airplanes. The mode of transportation was by horseback, wagon, stagecoach, or train. Travel by train was a luxury many couldn’t afford during the early years of western expansion. It’s hard for us to imagine that trains have been used as far back as the time of Babylon for transporting goods and materials. These were made of wagon wheels running on stone wagon ways. All things change with time, the development of trains and tracks improved into a impressive way to travel as well as transport goods and materials.

As wonderful as this new mode of travel was, not everyone could enjoy this opportunity; only the affluent could indulge themselves. Some who needed to travel found a way around paying the price, enter the term hobo. The hobo would find an open door in a box car of the train and hop on, they rode wherever the train was going not really knowing where that would be; this is called riding the rails. This for some was an adventure, not knowing the outcome of their destination. For many of us we are like the hobos of old, we are riding the rails of life; no true direction in mind.

Our life journey is left to fate, whatever happens; happens. However, we were given a guide by which to navigate the world in which we live. This guide is available to all who desire a rich abundant life. It came to mankind first in the form of a book of instructions called “The Bible”. Unfortunately, many disregarded it’s value to their lives, blinded by the darkness of this world; it’s importance was lost. Mankind continued to ride the rails that lead to destruction, but; we have been given the opportunity to switch directions.

The second guide came in the flesh to teach us how to make that switch, In the likeness of man the Creator of man came to the world to show the correct way for man to journey in this life; to follow in His foot steps lead to an abundant and joyful eternal existence in His presence and a peaceful journey through the trials of this life. He assures us that He will never leave or forsake us, we do not need to ride the train of uncertainty which could lead to ultimate destruction; we can choose to jump off the train and switch directions.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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