covered by blood

Blood one of the essential elements of life. We have all heard the saying covered in blood, this is usually said when there has been a horrific accident and someone is badly injured. Many of us enjoy watching crime dramas on tv, this is a common catch phrase used in those types of shows. Being covered in blood is not a good thing, it indicates a fatality or a long road to recovery. We seldom consider it’s importance until the need for it occurs.

We go through life most time not giving any thought to why we awoke from sleep, how we are able to breath, stand on our feet and walk, when we open our eyes we can see clearly our surroundings, and hear every sound. So many things we take for granted not realizing our normal functions could change without warning; we could so easily be the one covered in blood. There is an adversary working behind the scenes who’s only desire is to capture the souls of men.

Daily he is on the prowl to cause as much bloodshed as possible; crime, war, hate, jealousy and greed some of the weapons used against us. Mankind must be subdued by any means available to him. Many of us have fallen or are headed into the traps that have been laid. The desire for fame and fortune calling out our names, but; this is the way of destruction and death. “There is a way that seems right to man, but; the end thereof is the way of death” proverbs 16:25.

This warning is sound advice for those who are seeking life abundantly which is only found in the Son of the Most High. We must not yield to our fleshly desires, but; elevate our minds to the courts of Heaven where our advocate, Jesus the Christ dwells. It is by being covered by His blood we receive renewed life, forgiveness, and the promise of eternity in His presence. The day of decision is here, time is running out; who will you choose to serve? Will you pick death or life, how will you be covered by blood?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace

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