caught in the middle

I’m sure most of us have heard the saying” middle child syndrome”, it would appear the second child born is caught in the middle of the first and third child born. It seems to be the job of the middle child to settle arguments, be the peace maker; but, who is there when the one in the middle needs help? When a third child is born the second child seems to fade from the spotlight. Being caught in the middle is just no fun, they were both her friends; it was breaking her heart to see them at odds with each other. How would she navigate between them? They expect her to choose sides, what would she do?

That is mankind’s problem, we are caught in the middle of a great battle; the prize, the souls of men and women; none are exempt. This battle has been raging since our fore parents lost their home in Eden. They were deceived by the worlds greatest enemy, but; Our Father Creator loved us so much He could not leave us to the wiles of the adversary without a way of escape. This world we live in is the battle ground, the warriors for the adversary infect it daily with hate, indifference and all kinds of evil. Yet, there is a safety net in place for all who choose love as their shield.

That shield is found in the arms of the Only Begotten Son of the Most High God. Only love can erase hate, when we align with love we are protected by it’s shield; we don’t have to worry that we are caught in the middle. We have the opportunity to choose, we must just make the right choice and choose love. Love will conquer every obstacle, change stony hearts, forgive wrongs and open closed eyes. Love is not blinded by our human frailty, it is strong when we are at our weakest; it will walk hand in hand with us during difficult times, we can trust love will never leave us.

The war is still raging, we are still caught in the middle; but, if we make the right choice the message we are given is ” fear not for I am with you” the love of Jesus covers us in His wings.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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