he’s here

The journey long, the dessert hot, and the donkey a little uncomfortable, yet; the trip was mandatory. It had been decreed all should return to their place of birth and register for the census. Today we can’t begin to imagine how tedious this must have been for a very pregnant teen, newly wed and far from family. There were no hospitals within reach, no ambulances in case of emergency. Although none of these were available, this young couple didn’t fret, they were guided by an unseen force; no fear accompanied them on their journey.

When they reached their destination the city was a buzz, people from everywhere had converged upon the city; the street were so crowded they were hard to traverse. Her time was getting close, shelter had to be found. Her husband was trying his best to find room for them in the Inn’s, but; no room was found. Finally he was offered room in one Inn keeper’s stable, in this lowly stable the King of life was scheduled to come forth. Who could’ve imagined the joy of Angels was about to enter the world in such humble conditions, He was the Fathers gift to a diseased and dying world. To guide the misguided back to loves truth.

The stable was made ready as best they could to receive Heavens gift, the animals looked on with curiosity shining from their eyes, even they could feel the magic of the moment. Life for the masses was moving as usual, they had no idea what was about to take place in this little town; the almighty God would become a man. The plan to reclaim His children was in full affect, mankind redeemed, and the enemy of souls destroyed. Without warning the heavens rang with song, the night sky illuminated like the morning as Angels declared peace and good will to the earth.

The announcement was given, He is here; the savior is born and Jesus is His name; He will save His people from their sins. It was time for celebration He came to free the captives and change the hearts of men. He was here to give an example by the life He lived, loving unconditionally all who let Him in. Destined to die upon a tree that redemption could be offered to you and me. The plan of salvation would be complete as His blood flowed from Calvary. His birth was the beginning of the end for all who wished to dwell in sin. Yes, it’s true He was here; and will come again, be ready.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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