make a joyful noise

We tend to get so excited over our favorite sports team winning the game or that incredible shot made by a great basketball player, tennis or golf pro. There is something about it that gets our adrenaline flowing causing our vocal cords to respond gleefully. As this year draws to a close we celebrate the greatest event in human history, the birth of a very special child. What makes Him so special you ask? His birth was foretold by the prophets of old, His mother was a virgin, He was both human and divine at the same time, and His life was for a divine purpose; to save the lost.

Christmas is the time we choose to celebrate His story, but; in our celebrations we seem to have lost sight of Him. We gather with family and friends to share a meal, give gifts to each other, sing and in some homes dance. We seem to have become more and more materialistic with each passing year, seldom do we consider those who have not just the simple necessities of life. The example He gave by His catering to the least of these; the outcast of society, the broken hearted, the poor and homeless was His life work.

His heart of compassion reached out to all in need, everywhere He walked the light of love dispelled the darkness and broke the bonds of those enslaved to sin. Freedom from sin was made available to all who wished to be free. The time to make a joyful noise is here, we must retell His story far and near; shout it from the mountain tops that all may hear. The redeemer has come, the fulfillment of a promise made in times past by a loving Father to His wayward children. This is the true reason for the season, as you open the presents found under the tree; let your mind dwell upon the present mankind received many years ago in a isolated stable and make a joyful noise.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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