secret surrender

Secret- something that is kept or meant to be unknown by others. Surrender- to submit to authority. Isn’t it strange how the application of words can define situations. For most people thanksgiving preparation can be daunting, can you imagine the stress level when your oven goes out in the middle of your mac & cheese cooking. There is no one in the management office, the phone mailbox is full and you don’t know the emergency maintenance number. You begin to consider your options, although you wanted a nice family dinner at home; surrendering to circumstances you can’t control becomes the option to take.

We often find ourselves in situations which require us to surrender, for instance we do it to settle disagreements by changing our position. Adam and Eve had no idea they were surrendering humankind to the hidden secret of the enemy, his deception lead man into a world of decay and disobedience seeking to be greater than their Creator. In secret they surrendered to the wrong power; blinded by the lie they strayed from divine love and truth. The curse of their fall is still a plague on mankind today. Each act of hatred we silently surrender to the enemy; through greed, unkindness, selfishness, envy, murder, lying and unforgiveness we surrender to the wrong power.

This power is loveless, self seeking, and it’s only goal is the destruction of man. For more than 2000 years he has roamed the earth, decay following every footstep; binding up the souls of the deceived. He implies there is no hope of freedom from the chains of sin he has bound his captives with. In secret Love and Truth met with Grace and Mercy, they refused to remain hidden; enclosed in flesh they came into the world of decay and suffering seeking to save the lost; bringing redemption and restoration. The enemy began a furious attack, but; Grace and Mercy showed its strength on behalf of man. AS Love hang bleeding on the tree He silently surrendered to Gods will and the fate of the enemy was finally sealed.

Man’s freedom was purchased, the price paid; Love won the war, eternity assured when He rose from the grave for all willing to surrender ALL to Love.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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