the question

The twilight of life is drawing near, the years pass quickly; as memories fade with time. Faces, cherished experiences and places float away from the mind like leaves on the wind. The question is asked ” what are you grateful for?” The mind comes alive as the bells of thought ring summoning the answers to attention. Life, the breath of God in the body; the first bell to ring, for it is written with His hands He formed man from the dust of the ground and breathe into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. Choice, the second bell to ring; He didn’t want to control mankind as robotic beings, but; to share His love with those who would love Him back freely and unconditionally.

To have the opportunity to decide for ones self the direction to go whether it is right or wrong, the consequences good or bad and to know it is always possible to start over again. Sacrifice, the third bell to ring; the story of a man whos life paved the way for redemption to all who lost their way and separated themselves from the heart of love. As He walked among men He reminded us that self is most important when it caters to the needs of others, love is the greatest gift we can give and no sacrifice should be to great for those you love; death being the ultimate gift. Time, the fourth bell to ring, no one can say how long or short the life journey will be, however; each day brings a new chance to change what we did wrong the day before. To say “I’m sorry” for things done or said that hurt the heart.

To rethink our actions in the clear light of a new morning, to realize no tomorrow is promised and value the opportunity each day brings. Family, the fifth bell to ring; many pearls tied together on one string, the foundation for life’s journey. Every foundation different and unique, many branches on a tree firmly planted in fertile ground. As branches break away the tree continues to grow, strengthening the branches that remain. Recognizing the traits of the ancestors in each generation that follows, allowing love for each member to overcome any difficulties or misunderstandings that come to divide and conquer or separate one from the other. The sixth bell was Truth, to know the truth as it is in Jesus the Christ who alone can set one free. Through the mirror of Christ we see ourselves as we truly are; covered in filthy rags, selfish and self centered, envious, and deceived.

The true reflection of our character causes us to seek redemption and transformation which is only found when we submit our will to the will of Jesus our redeemer. The final bell that rang was Joy, my heart began to smile as thoughts of joy filled every cavity within it. The song of birds, the brilliance of the sunshine, the fragrance of flowers and the smell of the air after a spring shower. A baby’s first smile, first words and first steps. The very first time the words “I love you” are said and when the words “forgive me” heal a wounded heart. I’m over come with joy and my thoughts begin to recapture memories lost with time. I have found that joy centered in Jesus, the question I pose to you is “what are you grateful for?”

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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