prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you for the bloody tree on which you gave your life for me. So unworthy of the grace you gave to set my sinful soul free, I was hopeless and lost in sins misery. I can’t imagine where I would be if your love had not rescued me. Now with clear eyes a new world I see, full of splendor and majesty. Nature sings your song, my heart rejoices at it’s melody. Thank you for each new day no matter what may come my way.

You’re ever present to hold my hand when I feel weak and cannot stand. Thank you for every tear cried, for pain, laughter, family and friends; for lessons learned through the years. For every new branch on the family tree and all the love showered on me. Thank you for your spirit to guide me along the way, strengthen me against temptation; that I will no stray. To develop my character with each new day, teaching me how to love the agape way. Thank you for the unconditional love that covers all my faults, for redeeming me back to the Father; so I won’t be lost, but by your grace and mercy I shall stand upon the Heavenly sea of glass.

I thank you with all I am and ever hope to be, Thank you Jesus for loving me

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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