a glimpse of thing to come

Most of us like movies, this is evident by the millions of dollars spent by movie goers worldwide. We have given those who participate in the art of acting the ability to live lavish lifestyles. Big cars, homes, money beyond their dreams, fame and power. They give us a glimpse of a world some of us can only envision in our dreams, an escape from our daily reality. The many genres appeal to every appetite; westerns, romantic, faith, drama, science fiction, horror and mystery to name a few; something for everyone.

Some are drawn from real life events while others are straight from the imagination. Unfortunately, that’s how many of us view the written word of the Most High; our Creator. I’ve heard it said ” it’s just a good book about things that happened a long time ago”. There are many who fail to see it’s relevance today, they don’t realize it gives us a glimpse of things to come. In every generation this book has shed light into the war raging for the souls of mankind, it defines with great clarity the two combatants truth and falsehood.

Through it’s pages we see our past, present and future; Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us “what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun”. Let’s think about this, when we compare our lives today to those of the biblical characters we read about, how different are we? Mankind has been fractured for many generations, our nature leads us to gratify our own selfish desires no matter the cost to others in some cases.

The poor are trodden down, the defenseless are taken advantage of, the powerful look away from the needy and we worship new gods; possessions, power, and greed. I know those of us who consider themselves to be Christ followers fail to see the connection we have with the church during the time Christ walked the earth; this is so sad. Yes it is sad ,but; true in that many do not really follow the example Christ left behind. We are followers in name only.

From the pages of the bible we can see what happened to those who even with their flaws trusted the words from the Most High and by their actions saved themselves and others. We see the results of our Creators wrath on those who chose to do evil continually and we see that what is written is a glimpse of things to come for us. These sacred pages warn us time is for spent, we must realize our remaining time on this earth as it is, is very short.

We must make a choice, who will we worship; the Father Creator or the father of lies and deception. Only by making the Most High our choice can the blood of righteousness cover us with protection in the approaching end of time and destruction of the wicked. The purified earth will be the dwelling place of a purified people. Will you chose to be one of them? The time to prepare is now, what is needed can be found in the word, ” the word became flesh and dwelt among us”; He alone is our example.

Read His book to find the answers that will guide us through the darkness of this world to eternal light.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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