contingency plan

When planning for an event, campaign or conflict of any kind; the unknown must be considered. It is imperative to have a contingency plan before jumping into anything that is a new adventure. Most of the time we think we have covered all the bases until the unexpected happens. What will we do if no contingency plan is in place? Unfortunately, life is the thing we can’t always have a plan for; or can we?

There are many circumstances that affect us daily, these cause us to search for solutions, worry, or have extreme anxiety. Some of us consider our savings as our contingency, however; one catastrophe can wipe them out in the twinkle of the eye. No contingency plan conceived by man is soundproof, errors and miscalculations are always possible. Just when you think you have worked out the kinks, the unexpected takes over and the dominoes begin to fall.

I have found one contingency plan that I would like to recommend, if you put this plan into action before anything else; success can be guaranteed. This plan has a name, He says” I Am the way, the truth, and the life.” He encompasses all we need to navigate life no matter what circumstances it may bring to us. Often we stress about how important our need is, there is no room for delay, but; with this plan time is not relative, He is never late.

He works out every situation for our good, we are constantly on His mind and when we give Him control the journey gets so much easier to walk. Every battle we will face can be won through Him. He is acquainted with the trials and temptations that come up against us, He has the answers; we don’t have to worry, just trust Him. I’m sure you want to know His name and how you can put this plan in force in your life. Allow me to introduce you to Jesus the Christ, the only way to conquer life’s worry and strife.

Surrender is the method by which you can invite Him into your life and give Him control, read His word to get to know Him better and attain His promises. Then keep communication with Him through prayer, opening your heart to Him. The problems of life will not disappear, however; He will make the rocky roads smooth, calm the storms and give us joy for our stress. Now that you have this information what will be your contingency plan? Will you choose Him over self or continue to struggle through life alone?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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