wilting flower

Most of us have tried our hands at planting flowers or plants. We get so excited when we see the first sign of life in the soil; little by little we see the changes in it’s growth with each day. Some of us feel we can’t start from scratch, but; love plants and flowers so we purchase them already growing; tiny seedlings just needing nourishment and love to grow up strong and beautiful. Sounds simply doesn’t it, but; we know nature is complicated.

Whether you start from scratch or go to a nursery to purchase your plants, work is required to bring forth great results; healthy plants. So many things can affect their growth process; weeds, drying soil, insects, crowded containers and many more I’m sure; each requiring a different remedy. You don’t see the problems right away, the effects are often seen over time. One day they stand tall and beautiful, then it seems only a short time has passed and they are wilting right before your eyes.

Franticly you search for solutions to preserve and ensure survival. Many times just a little nourishment will do the job, you water them and you see them awakening as the water reaches their roots. The Most High has a garden He has named the earth, all mankind is planted in His garden. It is filled with an array of diversity, some have roots deeply grounded in the Most High, some have roots that are broken and detached trying desperately to reground themselves in the soil that they might receive nourishment.

Some are on the verge of being choked to death by weeds that have entangled them. You see the garden has an enemy who hates the Most High, he wishes to destroy the health and beauty of the garden in any way he can. He uses deception to brake the bond between the roots and the soil which is the Most High. When the bond is broken the roots can’t receive what it needs to survive, it will wilt; eventually dying from lack of nutrition.

Each wilting flower is a sign weeds are present, slowly they succumb to the deceptions; it could be power, money, riotous living, separation or fame all leading to death. The more detached the roots become death is eminent. If your flower is starting to wilt from doubt, hatred, pride, envy, or anything that is contrary to the principle of love. know that a remedy is available to you. The Most High desires to have no wilting flowers in His garden.

He has enriched the soil with His own blood, everything you may need is waiting for you; just submerge your roots in Him and watch the transformation from brokenness to restoration.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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