who are you willing to follow?

As children we played a game called “follow the leader,” whoever was the leader gave instructions to the group to do as he or she did; whatever he or she did the group also did. Should you fail the task you were eliminated from the game. Sometimes it was physically hard for some to do, some just choose not to do it, and for some it was uncomfortable to do.

In life there will be times we are leaders and times we are followers, it is thought to be a good leader one must first know how to follow. To follow we must be confident in the ability of our leader to lead, the qualifications they possess, and their moral compass. We want to know we are going in the right direction and doing the right things.

We must be able and willing to accept orders from others, yet; also recognize. when we are being mislead through faulty leadership. Should we fail to acknowledge when our leader is misleading us, we become blind followers; like sheep we are prey to be slaughtered by wolves. Our world has experienced many leaders who started out as people seeking to create change.

The goal to better our communities, environments, and governments, but; power corrupts and money is said to be the root of all evil. Both money and power are consuming tools used by the deceiver , they can change the character; the more you have the more you want. Many of our leaders today are caught up in the spider web of deceit, power and control.

They have forgotten the example of leadership given by one simple man by whom all things were made, yet; He had no houses or money in the bank. He had empathy for the poor, sick, lost, and unwanted by society. He was a friend to all putting their needs before His own; feeding the hungry, healing the sick and comforting the mourning.

His followers learned love and compassion for others from Him, freely they received and freely they gave. He set the standard for all who walked the path of leadership; it requires humility, love for all mankind, a sense of justice, the power to triumph over the pitfall of greed and control and sometimes sacrifice. These are the traits a good leader should possess, they must genuinely care for the welfare of others.

Jesus the Christ is the greatest leader of all time, the example He gave remains the same today for all who desire to be great leaders, undefiled by the temptations of this world. The time is coming when we will all have a choice to make, there will be no exemptions; the choice will be, who are you willing to follow?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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