the visit

Seperation has a way of bringing memories of times past into the fore front of our minds, we tend to think about old friendships, events we enjoyed, all the laughter and sometimes tears. We often find ourselves looking at old photographs; reliving the stories they tell. Many of them making us laugh out loud when no one else is in the room. The clothes, hair styles, and shoes we wore all look so different to us now.

Our hearts long to see their faces, hear their voices, and once more feel their embrace. No matter how much time has past between the visits, we feel the pain of seperation when memories flood our minds with their essence. We make plans to erase the distance between those we love, a plan to visit. The preparation begins; anxiety heightens as the time grows closer to seeing that first smile, hear I missed you, and experience the embrace of love.

When you think about how family and friends warm your heart, can you just for one moment imagine how you would feel if you opened your door and Jesus stood on your doorstep? Would you think of Him as a old friend and welcome Him into your home? Would you think about the dirty dishes in the sink, the unmade beds or the trash that needs to be emptied and say “can you come back later”, I need to clean up.

Is that how you would treat your good friend? When you have a close relationship your unpreparedness doesn’t matter, you are so glad to see them; you will let them in. Do you not know that love does not judge, it accepts our faults, strengthen us where we are weak and helps us clean up the dirt in our lives. Do we recognize tomorrow is not promised to anyone; sometimes today is all we have. When we recieve the visit from Jesus we must open the door to our hearts to receive Him not allowing anything to delay inviting Him in.

He doesn’t care how dirty our houses maybe, He has the power to clean them from the inside out and change the heart from darkness to light. Once Jesus finds a home in our hearts we will antisipate His visits like an old friend.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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