the color of life

Who knows the color of life? Is it Black or White or maybe Red or Yellow? Can anyone really tell, who knows the answer. The fact of the matter is life dwells in all created things; river, land, oceans, trees, animals, you and me. All different, yet; all experience the same cycle called life. To be born, grow, experience a season and then to fade away.

Have you ever wondered why you were born? Why when something tragic happened you were spared? Questioned your eye color, hair color or skin complexion? These are physical character traits that make you who you are and uniquely different from others. Do you ponder on who causes the rain to fall or the sun to shine? How your parents were chosen for you? You may think these questions have no answer, it is an enigma, but; not true.

I have the answer to share with you, Love knelt down on the ground, gathered duct in it’s hands and from that dust He formed a man. Love blew it’s breath into mans nostrils and it gave him life; then Love made woman from the side of man; from these two all human life began. One bloodline created from the breath of the Creator, all connected to each other; generations past, present and generations to come; sons and daughters connected as ONE.

Different complexions, eyes, languages, locations and backgrounds, children created from Love. However, Love never goes unchallenged; hate often rears it’s ugly head; I will destroy all His creation was what hate said. Hate has deceived many in the past and many now, they are being used by an enemy they don’t understand; is the enemy against all men. Division and separation, envy and greed the weapons of hate, turns sisters against brothers and mate against mate.

Love will never back down from a fight, for those it loves it will sacrifice. It is always seeking to reclaim it’s own; to dispel the hate replacing it with light, Love reminds the enemy he can’t win the fight. The answer to the question is a simple one, the color of life is the Breath of Love dwelling in man who was created by Gods own hands. Therefore, “LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD”. Psalm 150

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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