one tenth

2 half’s= 1 whole, 3 third’s = 1 whole, 4 fourth’s = 1 whole, all different, but; amount to the same thing. Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantity and space; simply put add, subtract, multiply . The theory is the sum is equal to it’s parts, but; there is another way to add and multiply. Malachi 3:7-12 reveals this secret which is called the tithe, meaning 1 tenth. At one time or another we all struggle to meet our financial obligations, the pay check just doesn’t seem to be enough to cover our needs; there is always a lack of funds.

We find ourselves robbing Peter to pay Paul, no joke intended. Have you ever considered how faithful our Creator truly is to His creations? He gives us not according to what we deserve, but; according to His love for us which is unconditional. He gives the rain in due season, the sunshine, the moon and stars at night, a summer breeze and the chilly winter wind. He orders everything in nature for our benefit. In His instructions for life He has given many promises, one which would relieve us of stress; it requires us to lay aside one tenth of what we receive which is Holy to Him.

If we would honor Him in this, He would open the windows of heaven and pour us out blessings there would not be room enough to receive them. Can you imagine how wonderful our lives would be if we just followed His instructions// He has given us all things and only request 10% of our increase, we are left with 90% to do what we want with it. Most of us throw away or misuse more than 10% of our finances on insignificant things, reaping little or no benefits.

Our Creator wants nothing but the very best for His children, He considers obedience better than sacrifice. Those who follow Him will reap the benefits of blessings, however; He has warned us to neglect His instructions brings curses. We must remember it was disobedience that caused the fall of mankind. Just think by setting aside one tenth for Him, we can reap increase in our faith, finances, health, and protection. We learn to trust our Father Creator for He is faithful, we realize His word is true and His love for us is undeniable.

The only thing we have left to do is to decide, will we obey Him or deny Him?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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