The clock is ticking

Hurry, hurry or you’ll run out of time, the clock is ticking; time is flying away. Have you ever had your schedule set, every appointment assigned it’s own time span? You prepare yourself to be at each just a little earlier than required, but; for some unknown reason you find yourself running late for the very first one. Time is not on your side, being late to one will create a dominoe effect; every meeting there after will be off schedule.

For so many life is a speeding train with no brakes, never enough time;can’t slow down. The hands on the world clock continues to move tick tock, tick tock very soon time will be no more. The decision to slow down will no longer be ours, no excuse will do; every one will have to face the truth. The lie the enemy has created must be revealed, all will know that GOD is real. Jesus is on His way back to cleanse the earth and give every man his reward according to his works.

Those who have a relationship with Him eagerly await His return, faithfully they wait as the clock ticks down to the time when He will grace the sky in the veiw of every eye. The opportunity to change your life is growing slim, everyone must make the choice to be saved or be lost; there is no in between. When the clock ticks for you, you’ll leave the scene. Your case will be settled, the time gone to make Jesus your choice and Heaven your home. Please stop procrastinating make Jesus your Lord, He wants everyone included in His rewards.

At the final tick of the clock time will stop, all decisions not made will be eternally locked. If you still have a decision to make, don’t wait; the clock is ticking.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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