what’s your story

Every good book or movie is successful because it has a good story line, principles that are appealing to the reader or viewer and a plot twist that takes us by surprise. Each one of us is living his or her own story, we may not look at our lives in that way, but; truth be told we are right in the middle of our very own drama or comedy; maybe both. As we go through life we find things that just seem to keep us laughing or thinking to ourselves how strange but funny some of the experiences we have seem to be.

The things we do and what we see other do, we say things like ” I should write a book”, in some cases to write about our lives could be beneficial to someone else trying to navigate life’s road. Unfortunately, there are those who seem to live in dark clouds; the rain never stops falling in their lives, one storm after another. They struggle to get through the day with each night ending with a tear stained pillow. The merry go round of life takes some up while others are down and vice versa.

The journey is always different, rarely do we have the exact same journey, but; we all have to travel the same road. Our experiences are the results of the choices we make for good or bad. In some of our stories we are the super hero, the one everyone depends on to save the day; to always have the answer to the problem. Then there are the victims, everything that could happen does happen to them, but; it’s never their fault. Because life is unpredictable not every story has a happy ending.

Sometimes there are no super hero’s, the main character doesn’t survive, the rain doesn’t stop falling and the sun doesn’t shine; all hope seems to be lost. All is not hopeless, I can introduce you to the real life changer; everything He touches blooms even when there is no rain or sun. When you get to know Him, He gives you the power to weather the storms; on the darkest days you can still see the sunshine behind the clouds. He will not impose on your will to live as you please, but He waits patiently for you to seek His help.

His story has no beginning or ending, He has always been and is just as close as calling His name. He is a Master at rewriting life stories and changing their endings. Though the waters of life can be choppy your vessel will drift gently through them with Him at the helm. I can vouch for His effectiveness because He changed my story; removed my rain clouds and restored the sunshine and joy to my life. I still have storms sometimes, but; I’m not afraid nor do I worry.

He has promised to never leave or forsake me and He keeps all His promises. Jesus is His name, the only true life changer. Do you know Him? He wants to know you, what’s your story? Do you need Him to change your story ending?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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