three magic words

Magic is defined as an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from super natural sources. Most people associate magic with the dark side, spells and incantations of workers of evil. Then there are those who see it as entertainment, over the years there have been many prominent magicians; Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, Penn & Teller, Shin Lim, and many others who seem to have the power to mesmerize and perform other worldly feats.

Allow me to share the real magic of the Christmas season to me. It all began with three magic words, “I will go”; the plan of salvation was set in motion. Divinity wrapped Himself in flesh and stepped on planet earth, as He grew His love for humanity increased. The liberation of mankind from the grasp of darkness His main focus, to present them spotless before His Father His goal. “It is finished” the last three magic words He spoke.

They unlocked the prison doors for all willing to walk out of darkness into the life giving light. A choice each man must make for himself, freedom is not forced; it must be desired. Once upon a time in my life I found myself drowning in the darkness trying to consume me, didn’t know what to do or where to turn; it was then I heard His voice so clear saying “I love you” three magic words that saved me from imminent doom.

My life journey changed as I came to learn His name, Jesus; my redeemer, savior, keeper and friend. He shed His blood that I would have the opportunity to live with Him, to brake the chains that had me bound, and give me a song to sing for all to hear; the sound of deliverance. Now I sing and pray as I patiently await His return for He said “I’m coming again”, three magic words that announce time will end; darkness will be consumed by the Light, joy will never end, and the world will be renewed.

He wants me to tell you how much He loves you too, He wants you to know Him better and to know He wants the best for you. The magic of Christmas came as a baby, died on a tree; shedding His blood for you and me. The most important three magic words the world could ever hear is “SALVATION is FREE” the price has already been paid.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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