a change is coming

Lyrics to a song stated” I was born by a river in a little tent, just like that river I’ve been running every since, it’s been a long time coming, but; I know a change gone come.” This is familiar to many but to some not so much. Change is inevitable, life is constantly changing; each day is different. One day the sun is shining, the next the rain falls; then there are times when the sun and rain share the same day.

Many years ago the people of the earth were so corrupt changes had to be made. Everything was destroyed, only 8 souls saved. Replenish the earth was the command they were given by the Creator of life in the beginning. Time didn’t stand still, it continued to march on, man didn’t change his ways and something had to be done.

In a quiet village on a starry night the world received the gift of life, a babe was born who would save the world. His coming was fore told by the prophets of old, yet; the world was not ready to receive Him. On that perfect night the Angels gave light to the earth as they heralded the news of His birth. A change had come to the world wrapped in a blanket of love.

Love that would give each man a chance to be reborn in the light of the Fathers love. We have come to know this babe in many ways, by many names and when we receive Him in our lives we experience many changes. We begin to see our world through the eyes of love, compassion our daily friend; we walk the path He walked when He became a man.

There is another change coming, time will soon stand still; He that came as a babe, will come as a man again. Every eye shall see Him, Angels accompanying Him will again light up the sky; men’s hearts will faint with fear, they will know the end is nigh. This old world of sin will be cleansed, the originator of sin destroyed; only perfection will remain.

Those who have been chosen to inherit eternal life will be changed into His likeness and caught up to meet Him in the air. He will take them to His Fathers house to dwell with Him there, this will be the last change to be made. If you are not ready, the time to get ready is NOW ; time will wait for no one, don’t let it run out on YOU.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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