christmas prayer

Dear Father Creator, Savior, Redeemer and Friend; You spoke and it became, You set the sun in her course and blanketed the night with a starry host. With Your own hands from the dust of the ground You created man, spread the mountains and valleys green across the landscape; then gave the birds a song to sing. How wonderous are thy works, a feast for the eye and a joy to the soul. All creation is sustained by thy will, yet; mankind has turned his back on Thee. They have replaced You with their idols of money, fame, power, gluttony and even their children.

Their eyes are closed and with their ears they do not hear your voice calling out to them. You sent Your Only son to show us the way home knowing He would be rejected, spit on, and crucified; but, You sent Him any way. The penalty for our disobedience to pay. Our world is engulfed in misery and strife, please give ear to my one voice calling out in the stillness of this night. You are our only hope for peace, joy to be reborn, and hatred to cease. We need to be awaken from this long dark sleep, misguided and deceived.

We like sheep follow the wrong Shepard willingly headed for destruction. I’m crying out to You for help, I know you are there and You hear every Prayer. So many people are sleeping in the street, children over the earth don’t have enough food to eat; those with the power to help horde the wealth. They close their eyes and pretend not to see all the pain and misery. Only Your touch Father can change a heart, open closed eyes and generate a new start. I’m reaching out to You, You have the last word; You alone hold this world in the palm of Your hands.

Open our eyes give us clarity of sight that we can gaze into the face of loves brilliant light, melt away the darkness and set us free to love each other and honor thee. Renew a right spirit in us, give our hearts a song of love to sing to the world and teach us to follow thy leading.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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