love remembers

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways/ A question Elizabeth Barrett Browning pens her answer to concerning her beloved. Her love so strong, she believed it would grow even after her death. Can you imagine that kind of love, we all experience love that continues to grow long after the romance seems to be over. Little things we remember brings a smile to our hearts, it maybe dinner shared, quiet walks together, a movie or song; each memory tugging at our heart strings. The person who evokes these emotions could have long exited our lives, willingly or unwillingly, yet; love remembers.

Sometimes the memories are not always the best, but; love forgives. Love finds a way to move past the pain and feed on the good in the relationship, it finds a way to heal it’s hurts. It was on a hill called Calvary that love remembered you and me. It recognized how lost we were, that we were but dust, and eternity was drifting away from our grasp. It remembered the enemy that was against us was to strong for us to fight alone. Love forgave even though it was being put to death, but; death had no power over love, it could not be held captive.

Love lives, it grows stronger each day. Each time we extend a hand to someone in help, love grows. Each prayer that is prayed on someone’s behalf, love grows. With every smile, kind word, or loving memory created, love grows. Love is the essence of the Creator that lives inside each of us, it is activated when we choose to give love control. The breathe of love was given to us at Creation and so was the choice to love or not to love. For those who choose not to love; God, the Father creator has no place in them. They will die in their trespasses and sin.

Love continues to cry out to them, it desires that none should perish; it knows many are deceived with no knowledge of truth. They are under the enemies spell, beguiled by fame, power and wealth. Yet, love remembers in the beginning it’s creation was perfect and the blood of redemption was shed for ALL who want to be redeemed. Is love looking for YOU?

my revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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