a perfect image

Once upon a time the only way a persons image could be duplicated was by the hands of the artist whos eyes could capture the essence of the subject sitting in front of him. The level of talent the painter posed determined how good the finished product would be. With time came progress and the camera was invented, it provided a way to capture what some considered the perfect image; a true reflection of it’s subject. When we think about having a photo taken, we strive to put our best foot forward; our hair must be just right, outfit perfect, and make-up complete or for some face shaven.

No one wants to be caught of guard when the photo is snapped, I must admit; those surprise photos make for very interesting conversation around the family circle. They bring much laughter or big frowns from those caught in the camera lens. We all concentrate on the outward appearance to achieve what we think is the perfect image. Seldom we realize the beauty that shines the brightest comes from within the heart. There was one who walked the earth that gave a true reflection of the perfect image. He had no special features to make Him admired by others.

You might say He was just a plain, uninteresting man to many; as the old saying goes” He wore His heart on His sleeves”, that’s what made Him stand out. He cared for those that were rejected by others; the sick, poor, abused and mistreated. He was not a wealthy man, yet; He gave to all what they really needed, forgiveness and freedom from their sins. He also supplied their physical needs by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and teaching them truth. He expressed love for all people, no exceptions. The beauty of His heart illuminated everywhere He walked, yet; He was hated by many.

Those in power saw themselves as the perfect example for the people of their time, to them He was a nobody who threaten their authority and control over the people. However, no matter how they tried they couldn’t stop His influence, the people felt His heart; it changed them. Can your heart be felt? Does your life reflect His heart? Are you more interested in your outward appearance or do you desire to achieve the perfect image? On the sixth day of creation God created man, a perfect reflection of Himself. After the fall of man, Jesus the Christ came to remind us in whos image we were created.

He expressed the heart of God the Father in His love for all Gods children, It is His example we must follow to achieve the perfect image. When we walk as He walked our lives will illuminate our path and our hearts will touch those we meet, leading them to the ONLY TRUE image changer; Jesus the Christ. Only then will we reflect a perfect image.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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