Special Flower- for those who are grieving

The Master Gardener has plucked a rose from the soil of life

Her bloom once radiant has over time lost it’s brilliant light

Her essence still remains it’s fragrance fills the heart with memories of love that can’t be destroyed

The Gardener has a special garden where there dwells eternal light

There He transplants those flowers taken from the soil of life

This garden has no weeds, no pain, no sorrow or strife

Each flower planted there enjoys loves glorious light

Weep not for the flowers that are gone but for those left behind

Their journey has not ended and their road can be so unsure

The Gardener keeps trying to prune them so their true light can shine through

He patiently waits to complete His bouquet He knows each flower is special in it’s own special way

He waits until each flower has fully bloomed so when it is plucked from the soil of life

It will leave behind a sweet perfume


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