light in a dark corner

How dark is dark? Have you ever considered there are varying shades of darkness? To some a grey cloud foretelling the coming of rain is considered darkness; the massive loss of life, vicious acts against children, and cataclysmic natural disaster; all darkness. Homelessness, loneliness, and hopelessness are a different type of darkness; but, no less devastating for those who are caught in its cycle. We all experience darkness at sometime in our lives, we live in a world that is deeply influenced by the creator of darkness; it is said” if you sit long enough by the water, you will eventually get wet”.

We never realized how the darkness had infected our behavior until light comes into the corner where our darkness lives. Before glimmers of light penetrated our darkness we looked at our world through shaded sight. We do what everyone else is doing, what we think is considered normal. We fail to see how wrong it is to hate those who are different, to abuse the weak, to profit from those less fortunate or to exercise power over them. As light begins to penetrate, we become aware of the evil in our hearts; the scales fall from our eyes and we see the truth of who we have become.

The light causes reflection, reflection the need for forgiveness, forgiveness the need to be redeemed and redemption requires a redeemer. The darkness will not allow us to exit stage left, it holds fast to it’s victims; every enticements available will be used to entangle the weak in its grasp. We must not be complacent with our circumstances, when the blinders are removed we must move steadily toward the light; when we move from our dark corner the brighter the light will be with each step we take.

The light brings hope, forgiveness, joy, redemption, freedom, peace, and above all these unconditional love. Love that radiates from the Heart of God. There is no darkness to deep that He will not seek to shed His light of love on it. To open closed eyes, melt hearts of stone and reclaim His children to Himself. He will not force His way into our darkness, we must be willing to surrender our will to Him; we must desire to walk in newness of life and freedom from sin. Where there is light, darkness can not dwell; JESUS the Christ is that light.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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