the value of blood

On this journey of life we meet many souls traveling along the way, sometimes; if we are fortunate we can have a David and Jonathan experience. We meet a kindred spirit, two hearts traveling the same path; melding together in love for each other. When I was a child this was a committment that was sealed with blood mingeled together.

One person would peirce the finger to draw blood, the other person would follow suit; the two would then join their blood peirced fingers together declaring a bond for ife. In some cases that bond became stronger than the family bond with siblings. We seldom think about it, but; blood is one part of the body that is the same color for all people. No matter the gender, ethnicity or country of origin, we all bleed red.

Blood is essential for life and when shared allows life to continue. For many donating blood to others is a priviledge, but for some it is a necessity. While giving blood sounds simply, it is a very intricate procedure; athough we all bleed red we have different blood types. One could have type A(+ or -), B(+ or -), AB( + or -) or type O blood; those in need of blood must be matched with the most compatable type to generate a successful healing process.

I guess you can say blood is a very valueable commodity. It is important to Doctors, Patients, Movie directors, and authors of muder mysteries. There is another catgory in which we all fall, doesn’t matter who we are; we are all SINNERS. Not little sinners or big sinners, just sinners needing to be cleansed. It is written the penaty for sin is death. We have been indicted and all face death. Is there a remedy for us? Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. Where can we find blood that can erase the stain of sin?

Is there a doner available to save us from death? The search began from east to west and north to south, yet; no doner could be found. Is there no hope for a dying world? Through the portals of time the answer came, I’m here; mankind to save said the innocent Lamb. My blood I will shed on Calvery’s tree, so mankind can be sin free. The universe was silent as the sacrifice was made, the sinless Son of God; His life He gave. His blood ran down the tree for you and me, if we Choose to be SIN FREE.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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