What do you want to hear?

The mouth speaks, the ears hear; but, there are times when what is said is not what is heard. Words are weighty and carry impact, sometimes small; sometimes great. They can build up or tare down the self esteem of others. It is said “the tongue is a small member, but; it has the power of life or death in it.” Seldom do we consider this before we speak. I saw something recently I would like to share, a piece of paper was crumbled up and then it was requested to be made as it was before; I hope you got the visual. Our words are like that paper, when we speak in haste or anger; we crush the spirit.

Many times the effects of ill spoken words last a lifetime. Once spoken it can take a lifetime to repair the breach caused by our failure to stop and take a breath before we speak. Just a simple breath is time to think about what we are about to say. We must consider there is a unseen presence at all times waiting for the opportunity to use our words to create havoc, distrust, and even violence. It doesn’t care who gets hurt, it just wants to cause pain and suffering. By it we are inflicted with a you hurt me, I need to hurt you attitude; which leads to losing sight of the price paid by the blood of Christ for both.

I know it’s easy to say, but; in the midst of the storm it seems so hard to control our anger or the words we speak. Those of us who profess to know the Christ and His redemptive love must remember on our own we have no power over the dark forces that invade our words when we allow anger to take root. The love of Christ must always be the center of our lives, we know that a soft answer turns away wrath; sometimes silence speaks the loudest. As human beings we all fall short of our Heavenly Fathers expectations, He desires His children to walk in love because He is love; His sun shines on the good and the bad.

He knows that we will fall on life’s journey, He has given us the gift of forgiveness and restoration when we ask for it. However, we must be willing to grant the same to those who ask it from us. Remember unforgiveness is a chain that weighs heavy on the heart. Let us remember our words are as impactful as our actions. When they cause injury to others we must step up to the plate and take responsibility for what we have said, then do the work to bring forgiveness and restoration. The love of Christ will empower those willing to be lead by the Holy Spirit to humble themselves and repair the breach.

It is important to forgive because judgement will come to all, what do you want to hear? “Well done my good and faithful servant” or “depart from Me you evildoers”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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