are you ready to choose?

I wonder if you can remember the games played as a kid which required teams? Each team captain had to choose the members he or she wanted on their team. No matter what the game, it was important to choose the best players for your team; whoever got the strongest players was in the best position to win, at least that was the concept.

Yet; that was not always the case, sometimes the team thought to be the weakest would come out on top. In life we make choices, many times the consequences for which we are not prepared. We align ourselves with the wrong people, we pay Peter when we should’ve paid Paul, we say yes when the answer should’ve been no and we turn right instead of left when left was the right direction.

So many times we choose to go against the grain, we don’t concern ourselves with the results of our choices until we are faced with them. It is then we realize how devastating our circumstance could be to our well being. We find ourselves in a hole with no way out and no one to rescue us. There will come a time when each of us will be faced with a decision that will lead to eternal life or eternal destruction.

It is written “choose ye this day whom ye shall serve”, this choice will have to be made by all; there is no middle ground, no straddle the fence, and no one foot in and the other foot out. Our commitment must be total to whatever side we choose. There will be some who choose the way of destruction unaware and find themselves in a pit of despair, they have been beguiled by the deceptive one. However, the opportunity for rescue is available; the Father of Light is constantly searching for those who have gone astray.

Soon and very soon the time will be at hand, the question asked;” whom will you serve”? Will it Be God or will it be man? Are you ready to choose?


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