forgiving love

On the journey of life we may fall into the dark pits the enemy sets along the path to entrap us. We all fall at one time or another in our journey, some fall more than others. It is at these times that those who are strong should reach out to those who are weak, surround them with our love as we petition the throne of grace on their behalf. Our love will poke holes in the darkness that envelopes the fallen. Each little beam of light leading to the stairway brightly lit back to a forgiving love.

God the Father has proved through the shedding of His own blood that His love for us is endless. Nothing can separate us from His love if we believe. The enemy would like us to believe it is hopeless when we fall into his traps, his goal to keep us enslaved. Drugs addiction, alcohol addiction, lewdness, gossiping, lying, and pride just to name a few of the traps he sets. The remedy is the same for all of them, believing the Blood of Jesus the Christ can and has set us free.

Stand on His promise to never leave or forsake us, open up the heart to His redeeming grace; repent from the heart and seek His strength to overcome the chains that bind us to the dark secrets in our lives. We must praise Him for each victory remembering it is when we are at our weakest point along the journey that God can do His greatest work in us when we allow Him. It is imperative that we pray one for another, encourage and share our pain.

The story of forgiving love from every mountain top must ring, giving hope to the hopeless; they can walk in the light again. The enemy has no power over loves shining light, but; the light will always dispel the darkness.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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