Listen, listen can you hear them? Echo’s from the past, the trees are whispering their hidden secrets of times long ago; of crowds, flames in the night and swinging ropes. Listen, listen clear your ears it seems things have changed, but; have they? The night cries same, same, still the same. Hidden in the corners of the heart the evil that still try’s to hid it’s face in a different time and a different place.

Yet, the past still sings it’s song in the tears that a mother cries each time a child needlessly dies. How do we erase the hate when the cause is so unclear. We must find a way to stop losing the ones we hold dear. It is time to stop and think, although it was them ; it could’ve been me. Time to walk in the shoes of the other man and you will know it’s time to take a stand.

Fear is the enemy that must be erased so the world can be a better place. Evil has had it’s reign much to long causing everything to go wrong, lies are accepted as truth and lust mistaken for love; hate walks boldly in the light for all to see with no concern for you or me. There is no rhyme or reason, it hates because it can; the spirit that lives in it has no love for man.

This spirit is on a mission to destroy everything it can, everything that was created by the Masters hand. You and me it hates the most, it wants to be sure we are lost; cut off from the mercy of God and cast into ever lasting darkness. In the soil of doubt within the heart he plants his seeds of hate, then waters them with our differences until they began to bloom.

Only the sacrificial blood of Christ can conquer mans hate, wipe away the tears from weeping eyes and create new hope. Fear will have no dominion over him who is covered by loves blood, one heart will speak to another; then wounds of the past will heal. The night wind blowing through the trees will sing, No more tears. Hate will be eradicated, evil banished from the land; every man will walk hand in hand with another man.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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