new life

She had been searching for answers, her heart filled with tears she couldn’t cry, the question in her mind was ; WHY? What had she done wrong, why did he change? Was it her walk or the way she looked? After all he was her brother and she thought he loved her as brothers are supposed to do for their sisters. That was the beginning her life took a unexpected turn, with broken heart; life’s purpose tarnished she tried to move past her past. Life for her was wading in muddy water, men moving in and out of her life, no love in sight.

He went to work every morning, 5 am on the dot. Never could he have imagined after 40 years, no more job. What would he do now? He had children to feed, bills to pay, and a very sick wife. Paycheck to paycheck was the life he lived and that was no more. His life had taken an unexpected turn, everything was headed down hill like a runaway train. The sun was beaming down on a road to nowhere, nothing could be seen in either direction. What a great place to stop they thought, in the middle of nowhere.

The temperature seemed to be rising by the minute, the children need water she said to him; what are we going to do? The only thing I know right now is this car isn’t going to move, was his response. Life is filled with unexpected life changing events, the future is so hard to foresee. Many try to plan for the unexpected, but; the best plans can come up short. Life gives no guarantee or does it? There is ONE who can give New Life to every circumstance, He loves those who think they are unlovable; unconditionally.

He can open doors to provide our daily needs and He can be water in a dry thirsty land. Never far away, He sees every hurting soul; our human confusion and when all hope is gone. If He is not far away, how do I reach Him? I thought I heard you say, Open your heart and call out; Jesus is His name. He is the ONLY way to New Life.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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