hope renewed

It was a time of celebration, everywhere preparation was being made, however; not everyone wanted to celebrate. Things had gone terribly wrong, they were suffering from the shock of His death; He wasn’t supposed to die, He was to be king. They gathered together in one place; hearts broken, minds puzzled, hope gone and silence engulfing them. The eleven were caught in the grip of sorrow, the Master was no more. What do we do now ringing in their minds, should we go or should we stay was the question they had to decide.

The Sabbath was upon them, a day of rest, but; restlessness surrounded all of them. How could they rest when all hope was lost? The Sabbath ending the new day dawning a group of women started out to the place of burial to complete the work of preservation. Have you ever had the feeling all hope was gone? Everything you tried failed and there was no one you could turn to for help. Many in our world think all hope is lost; hate keeps growing, greed keeps growing, and darkness in mankind keeps growing.

Can you imagine how the disciples were feeling during those moments of hopelessness? They were hiding for fear of their Temple leaders and Roman authorities, the people had turned against their teacher and consented to His death, and now they felt abandoned not knowing what to do. He is risen shattered the silence in the room where they gathered, could this be true; the question filling their hearts. It had been 3 days since His death and burial. I have seen Him she cried out, but; they didn’t believe her. They had to check for themselves, two of them ran to the grave site; the tomb was empty.

As they pondered on this, He appeared in the room with them; their eyes saw Him and their hands touched Him. Hope renewed, life in them regenerated, and their hearts filled with joy. He had truly risen from death, never to die again, eternity awaited Him. The world we have inherited seems to be spiraling into deep darkness, yet; we can have our hope renewed because He still lives. His spirit is moving in the earth inviting all to come to Him. When we choose to unite with Him, He will rise in our hearts; our lives will change and eternity will wait for us.

We can have hope in the promise, ” I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also.” No matter how dark our world appears our faith must hold to this promise, He will come again and receive those waiting for His return unto Himself and they shall forever be with Him. He is Risen, He Lives///

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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