crime and punishment

The old adage “do the crime, you’ll do the time” indicates we will always pay for what we do with consequences, however; I’m sure most of us have noticed in our society today that doesn’t always appear to be the case. Those of affluence seem to escape this fate on many occasions by wealth or influence, sometimes those who exhibit certain physical characteristics are also excluded from the wrath of justice. While this may be true for some there are those who are punished when no crime is committed, their lives stolen away from the light of day; to rest in darkness.

That would be His fate; He was known for all His good works, for loving all people, teaching the love of the Father, and lighting the way to truth. Everything He did was for the benefit of His people, yet; they didn’t understand how much He really loved them. The question was asked “what will it take to realize the depth of His Love”? Was it jealousy, fear of change, or ignorance that made them place blame on this quilt- less soft spoken man. Today we would say He was framed, accused of a crime He didn’t commit. Power had spoken and it didn’t matter, He had to pay the price.

Now the questions become, whos penalty is He paying? Who has committed the crime? The verdict was death, nothing else would satisfy their hearts of stone; finally they would be rid of Him. This would erase the threat He posed to their hold over the people. So they nailed Him to a tree on a hill called Calvary, they didn’t know by their actions He would set all sinners free. They never could have imagined He was truly who He said He was, the beloved Son of the Most High God. He paid our penalty, for sin required blood to be shed to redeem the lost from the enemy’s hand.

The crime and punishment He took was ours, there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends; He made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me when He shed His blood on Calvary’s tree. The enemy is still raging, the blood of the innocent flows in our streets; but, we must cling to the promise of our redeemer’s return. Truth and justice will join hands, the enemy will be charged with the crimes he perpetuated against man; Satan that old devil and all his clan will bow before the Son of Man. The punishment received will fit the crime, the lake of fire will be his end; sin will never rise again.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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