What could I have done?

What could I have done? A question so many have asked, but; the choice was not ours to make. Life for them was just to hard to take, the pain inside to hard to explain and no one they felt who would understand. The sunlight gone, only dark clouds remained; each day filled with rain. Day after day everyday the same, the darker and darker their clouds became. They are now gone, you ask why? How could they choose to end their life? What could I have done now occupies your mind. Did I see this coming? Was I blind to the signs? Why didn’t I recognize the pain behind the smile?

So many give up and walk away from life, they see no relief for the pain they hide nor do they realize the pain they will leave behind. It was their choice to make even though it’s so hard for those left behind to take, yet; there is hope. We can stop the rain, bring back the sun and erase the pain. Love is the umbrella that shields the heart, building a relationship is where to start; look with the eyes of Christ in the faces of those who pass you by, love will recognize the pain they try to hide. The love of Christ is the answer, the story that must be told to the lost or wayward soul.

It is His light that penetrates the darkness and restores joy. No doubt, fear, loneliness, hopelessness, or rejection can stop the True Light from shining through erasing the pain locked inside of you. To those of us who through Christ have triumphed over the storms of life the answer is clear, we must tell loves story far and near. So many are thirsty for the water of life, they just don’t know the way to the well. The love of Christ that dwells in us requires we accept the task to lead the way to the ONLY ONE who can turn pain to joy, night to day. Jesus is the answer and will always be the ONLY hope for you and me.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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