Have you met old Mr. chaos? He lives on the earth with you, if you haven’t; you surely will of this you can be sure. His reputation is well known to those exposed to him, he never demonstrates what is truth; confusion is his daily meal. The world is a roller coaster, up then down never standing still that it’s beauty can be seen. There is no beauty is the lie he feeds to you and me because he wants control of human of history.

In days of old and even today he seeks those he can make his prey; delusion, falsehood, fear, mistrust and hate are just a few of his weapons of choice. Old Mr. Chaos is a formidable opponent and he never fights fair, he aims to destroy whomever he can; no matter when or where. He plants his seed and patiently waits for the evil to fester and grow, he is so cunning at times his victims never know. A slip of the tongue, the wrong words said; mistrust rears it’s ugly head.

Only those trained in Spiritual warfare can defeat him, discernment is the key; it is important to know your enemy. Preparedness is necessary, the right weapons must be used in the battle. Fortification will be needed, your enemy has a large following. To be combat ready a spiritual warrior must adorn themselves with the whole Armor of God; the belt of truth is vital in starting your daily battles, invest time in His presence. The breastplate of righteousness must be worn to protect the heart, remove all negativity from your life; it only weakens you.

Cover your feet with the gospel of peace, stand firm in the knowledge of what Jesus has done for us. Take up the shield of faith, we must trust in Gods power and protection. Cover your head with the helmet of salvation, only through the Holy Spirit can we truly wage war. We must also carry the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Lastly we need prayer, this is our line of communication; before the battle starts we must consult with the commander of Gods army.

The commander is our fortification, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Mr. Chaos has no defense against truth, truths light will continue to penetrate the darkness until it is eliminated by the light. Where there is light confusion can’t grow, where there is love hate can be conquered, and where there is unity peace can exist. The solution to the problems of this world is to EVICT Mr. Chaos, but; we can ONLY do that if we yield our will to the will of the CHRIST CHILD.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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