Sometime ago a songstress performed a song whos lyrics indicated others had control of her life, but; now she was reclaiming control. She was all grownup and would make her own decisions as to how she would live. Many, if not all of us have been given a false sense of control; we think we have the power. The remote control allows us to change the TVs in our homes without any effort, the game controller lets us dictate the action in the game, and when we get behind the wheel of our cars we feel we are in control of the world, at least our small portion of it.

Many of the things we do everyday give us the sense of control over our lives, however; when we stop to take stock we realize how limited our control really may be. We can go for long periods of time without sleep, yet; the body will shut down on it’s own when it needs to rest, it retrieves our perceived control. Laws are established which limit our actions and pronounce consequences when we go beyond those boundaries. There are many outside sources that affect what we actually control. So who or what is really in control of our world?

As I pondered this question another songstress came to mind, when she recognized she was out of control she cried out ” Jesus take the wheel” relinquishing to Him all control. Her call was to the ONLY one who could master the situation. We are told in Gods word by Him was everything made that was made, by His shed blood was mankind granted redemption from sins control, and He will soon make another appearance and every eye will see His coming. But what about now you say? Who is controlling what’s happening in todays world? The violence, illness, hate, greed and mistrust; where is Jesus now?

So often we forget man was given dominion over all of God’s creation, he was deceived and lost his privilege’s to Gods enemy; giving him control of this world. It is his shadow that darkens the beauty God created, but all is not lost; we can make the choice to submit control of our lives to Jesus and allow His Holy Spirit to direct our journey. When we connect with Him we will be strengthened in our inner man allowing us to rise above the perils and temptations of this world. He that will dwell in us is greater than he that is in the world, the enemy will lose his control over us; “for whom the Lord sets free is freed in deed”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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