morality or justice

It was an exciting time, a special guest was in attendance; they were all reclined waiting for the meal to be served. She tried to come into the gathering unnoticed, but; she drew attention wherever she was seen. She kneeled at His feet as her tears flowed like rain upon them. Taking her hair she wiped away her tears and anointed His feet with her most precious possession; costly, fragrant oil. The on lookers couldn’t understand, some even spoke against her actions, but; He understood, to her that was all that mattered.

Morality is defined as- principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Justice is defined as- just behavior or treatment, genuine respect for people. I was awaken with these words dancing in my thoughts, so often we choose which we will promote. I thought why do we choose, can’t we have both? What would our world be like if we all gave more thought to how we really defined them? How would our analysis affect the way we viewed others? Could we be honest about how we felt?

Would we recognize it’s not about just-us, but; justice for all. To ponder this should cause us all to seek to attain a high moral ground, a fairer position toward the treatment of others; no exceptions. To truly contemplate what it means to love our brother or sister as we love ourselves. Why should those that have more be so condescending to others who struggle to gain just a little more than they have? Do not the wealthy realize the more oppressive they become the more hostility grows. The nature of man is to survive, eventually the impoverished will rise up against those seen as hindering their advancement.

The lies of those in control of power will no longer be seen as truth, the truth will be made plain; even to the least of them. It is imperative we remember the examples of our past that they are not repeated in our present or carried into our future. Morality and justice must be afforded to all humankind; those that have should care for the have not’s, greed is temporary; a greedy man places his wealth in a bag with holes in it, he will eventually lose all he has. Hands open to those in need will be constantly filled. He was the most important person in the room, but; He was not recognized as such by the aristocracy of His time or those present in the room.

She had given to Him all she possessed to express her heart of love. It didn’t matter that she would not be worthy in the eyes of others, she was true to the dictates of her conscious. When she withdrew her heart was filled with great joy, she had found favor with the Master. We are confronted with the opportunity to be Just, Moral agents in our world; the choices we make will determine the world to come. These are individual choices, each one responsible for his or her choice and it’s consequences. If we are true to the dictates of our hearts we too can have the joy found when we stand in the favor of The Master. Joy that defies explanation and can’t be extinguished.

The end of this world is coming, judgement will be pronounced, and punishment deserved given. Matthew 25: 31-46 tells us the sheep represents those who are moral and just, they have helped those in need or given good to the world; while the goats represents those who are selfish, unkind, and greedy. The sheep will inherit everlasting life in the Kingdom and the goats eternal damnation with Satan and his angels. The time to decide is now// Will you be a sheep or a goat? Will you love mercy and do justice or will you perish?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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