the garbage can

I’m not sure how many may relate to this, but; when I was growing up all our refuse was placed in brown paper bags from the grocery store. In our back yard was a large brick structure in which all garbage was dumped and burned along with ashes from the wood burning stove, we called it the ash pit. I know you can imagine how wonderful and exciting it was for me to see a bright shiny tall garbage can in our kitchen. No more taking out the trash every day, now it could be once a week; or so I thought.

Have you ever walked into a space and the odor took your breath away? You search, but; can’t put your finger on where it’s coming from. The smell may not be very strong, yet; it is very unpleasant to your noise. Then it hits you, the garbage can needs to be emptied; so much for once a week. This is your first realization, when garbage accumulates it cause an unpleasant atmosphere. I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say” we have become human garbage cans.”

What we feed ourselves is what we become. Many of us are so mesmerized by the violence, lewdness, and greed we watch everyday on TV and in the games we play in our homes. We have become de sensitized to the violence we see in our real lives, garbage in. Our dress has become more provocative, the more skin you show the more fashionable you are deemed, garbage in. Our language is so rude and foul at times we are called pottie mouth, garbage in. We are so quick to believe the worst of those not like us, we are so much better than those people, garbage in.

When we stop, take time to reflect on our world today; we must realize our garbage cans need to be emptied and sanitized. Our cans are so filled with garbage the atmosphere of our world is putrid. How do we change our atmosphere should be the question. Once we recognize the garbage that has infiltrated our lives, we must choose to clean our cans; the rubbish of hate, anger, indifference, lewdness, violence, greed and pride must be flushed out. That is just the first step. What do we do to keep it clean?

It is said, when the unclean spirit is gone out a man, he walked through dry places, seeking rest and find none. Then he saithe, I will return into my house from whence I came out. And when he is come, he find it empty, swept and garnished. Empty, that is the problem; we must guard against the return of old habits by replacing them with good. We must fill our lives with the beauty of heavens pride, Jesus the Christ; His love fills all the emptiness in our lives and changes the atmosphere from a worldly one to a heavenly one.

When we accept His cleansing blood we become new creations in Him. Although we will still live in a world filled with garbage, it will not FILL US.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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