You were such a tiny thing, I was not much more than you. Your eyes twinkled with the amazing world and mine did too. Who could have known the journey we would take together, not always walking the same path, but joined heart to heart in love. I was the sister you never had, I shared the dreams you dared to dream, the secrets you wouldn’t tell anyone were whispered in my ears. Life has a way of stealing who we dream to be and changing us into who the world wants us to be.

We chose different directions to travel, yet; love kept us from being separated. A card, phone call, or text just to keep in touch; how I loved hearing you say “hey cuz” as only you could. The conversation always started with “girl” this or that so we could catch up on each others lives. The distance between us couldn’t break our bond of friendship. Death is a separator, it cuts the ties; leaving a void in the heart. The memories are all that is left.

The joy, laughter, tears, heartache all pictures in your mind of days gone by. How do you hold on? After you’ve shed your tears of sorrow and the pain is still inside, what do you do? When your heart is leaking who has a bandage? Questions in the fog of grief you can’t seem to answer. Yet, there is an answer; Jesus is His name. He was there with you when you said your final goodbye’s and He is here with me wiping the tears from my eyes.

We talked about Him so often, how good He was to us both; that since we found Him we would never let Him go. How grateful we were to know how much He loves us, shed his grace and mercy on us even when we didn’t recognize He was there. I’m so sad to know you have left me, but; we’ll be separated only for a short time. I too will cross the bridge you’ve crossed and sleep in the peace of Christ, but ; until then I will hold you in my heart from all the memories you left behind.

Mourning once again as I sit by the pool of grace.


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