I am a child of god

On last evening as I drifted off to sleep, I experienced a troubling dream. I heard a voice saying to me “why waste your time praying; you’re a liar, you bend the truth”? I could hear myself say ” that was once true, but that’s not me anymore”. I was so uncomfortable I began to toss and turn, yet; I couldn’t awaken from the dream. The voice came again this time it seemed irritated as it said” you were very harsh in your words to your child yesterday, in fact I would say you were very angry.”

My mind began to race as I tried to remember, suddenly I could feel guilt and sorrow over shadow me; to think I mistreated my child. Could this be true? Had I allowed anger to take control of me? As I tried to calm myself the voice came again, “what makes you think you are so good”? I was quiet for a moment, I know who you are was my response; what you say is not really true for the truth is not in you. I have never professed to be good, I’m but flesh born in sin and in need of a savior.

In my ignorance I did many things I’m not proud of, but; that was before Gods love surrounded me drawing me to His heart. God you say as he laughed at me, does He exist? Do you not know He is a myth. Tossing more vehemently , I knew without a doubt; it was Satan speaking to me. You old devil was my retort, you know better than I He is real; that’s why you hate Him with such zeal. Soon your time will be done, you won’t be able to tempt anyone. His laughter stopped, quiet he became; to me he didn’t speak again.

Awaken, I lay quietly in the darkness of my room thinking how grateful I was that Jesus died for me; giving me the opportunity to be sin free. There was a time in my life I was blind and couldn’t see, then Jesus whispered in my ears how much He loved me. On my knees I repented of my sins, was baptized and born again. Walking now with eyes open and heart renewed, seeking daily to be closer to Him; I’m a child of God.

The enemy is relentless, you must always be prepared; even in your dreams he may appear. You must be ready to cast him out without any fear. The Father is seeking everyone who wants to be free, just like He sought after me; give him your heart and you too can be a child of the MOST HIGH KING.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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