island living

“No man is an Island, no man walks alone; each man is my brother, each land is my home”. Tell me how does these words resonate in your spirit? What do they mean to you deep in the recesses of your heart? Do they bring forth unity, truth, transparency, understanding, and compassion for all? As our world grows darker each day with hate, greed, indifference, and separation; the thought of being on an Island alone away from the madness is very tempting.

For most of us we just want to live quite lives, raise our children, work to have the best life we can and love our God. However, there is a question that we all must answer; “how can we love God whom we have not seen and hate our brother who we see”? If you by any small reach of your imagination believe you are Gods creation by His own hands, the breath from His own mouth gave you life, and His love for you is unchanging; then you must know man was His master creation.

He spoke everything else into existence, by the words of His mouth they became. Man was ordained to live in harmony and peace with all that surrounded him, be fruitful and populate the earth, but; that plan was interrupted by disobedience. As it was then, so it is now; man has once again strayed far from His creators design. The destruction that awaits is inevitable if the light of love is extinguished. The darkness of hate and greed grow stronger each day, separation from truth widely accepted, and evil in every form rapidly engulfing the hearts of men.

Island living doesn’t sound so bad, but; the current atmosphere can be changed. Those who know what is true must stand against the lie, call it out; let truths light shatter the confusion caused by the lie that is spoken. Request Our Father to give sight to the blind, clarity to the closed minded, and speak peace to the fearful. To change the hearts of the proud, the self-righteous, and those in places of power. Open the eyes of those who say they are Christ followers, but; are not.

No man needs to walk alone, no man has to fight alone; we have been given a companion who is willing to share our journey, lead us into all truth, and shine light into our dark spaces. We just have to accept His companionship, allow Him to lead the way, and walk where He leads. We were created by Love, redeemed by Love’s blood and Love waits to welcome us back into the safety of it’s arms. We can choose to accept Love or walk in darkness, know that darkness will be destroyed, light will abound.

The proud will be humbled, the hungry fed, the lost found, the homeless sheltered, the mourning comforted and the Fathers heart will rejoice that His prodigal children have come home. Love will again reign in the hearts of men, hate will be dispelled; replaced with truth. Forgiveness will rule the day, it’s light will erase all semblance of evil. The enemy of the ages will be defeated, never again to rule. The secret of life revealed, my blood runs through your veins; your blood runs through mine.

What affects one also affects the other none of us is exempt, we are all part of the only race; the human race. Gods breath gives us all life, Isolation is not an option.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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