Lessons we learn

It was a really harsh winter, the morning air crisp, each breathe taken could be seen floating in the air. There were very few footprints in the snow, as she saw the top of the little schoolhouse; she wondered how many would be in attendance, who else had been brave enough to come to school? Entering the little class room to her surprise there were three other students sitting at their desk, all expecting to learn some great truth; none of them realizing they had learned the lesson of persistence.

Deciding something was important enough to over come any adversity to accomplish their goal. Everyday he could be seen on the same bench, in the same park, and feeding the same birds. Visitors to the park could set their watches by him. A smile, soft good morning or friendly wave of the hand greeted those who would glance in his direction; he was dependable. They could count on seeing him as they entered the park gate.

Christmas was a special time in the William’s household, though money was always scarce; all 3 children would receive something under the tree. Charlie was the eldest of the 3, now a young man; he knew the struggles of his parents to do their best for them. This Christmas would be different, he had worked all summer cutting grass; the money he earned would buy nice gifts for his parents and his siblings. He couldn’t wait for Christmas morning, their surprise when they looked under the tree and the smiles on their faces as they opened the gifts, it will all be worth his sacrifice.

Life is a school that we are enrolled in the moment we are born, the lessons taught will enrich our journey or make it turbulent depending on how we perceive the lesson, assimilate it, and respond; we alone choose how we will be affected by the lessons we learn. Some lessons are grasped immediately, but; some require time and consistency. They are communicated to us through nature, relationships, experiences both good and bad. Each day brings new opportunity to understand more and more about the world in which we live and ourselves.

The source from which knowledge is gained is very important, not all knowledge is good or beneficial. We must glean diligently for the knowledge that perfects the character, that leads us to exemplify our best selves, and respect all that came from the mouth and hands of the Creator; we are all his children. Unfortunately, many of our family members have forgotten who their Father is; greed, hate and power has captured their attention.

They still call themselves His children, yet; they fail to exhibit his character. They mistreat their family members failing to love or forgive while feeling entitled to the same love and forgiveness they are not willing to give. ” By their fruit you will know them”, we make our mouths say things we don’t really men; our actions however betray us. When we become immersed in things of this world we forget who we are meant to be, we justify things we know are wrong. We say things like “the lesser of two evils” because we might agree with one or the others belief.

Our Father requires we take no part in what is evil, support evil doers or keep company with them. His love dictates if we love Him we learn the lessons of humility, forgiveness, compassion, dependability, persistence, sacrifice, faith, truthfulness, and charity. That we walk in the knowledge of love, for our Father is love; he that loves not is not of the Father. Who is your teacher? It is time to recognize who we are learning from//

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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