between the dash

It’s so amazing how from the darkness of sleep the body awakens you when it needs to relieve itself. How each member has it’s own unique function which contributes to the whole body. The intricacy of the skeletal system, the brain, heart, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet and the muscular system still have secrets that have not been revealed.

The magnificence of the human body continues to excite the imagination of those who seek to know more about it’s inner workings, how even when one member is lost; the whole will continue to function as it previously did. Life is constantly reminding us there is no permeance in this world, we enter but for a moment; some moments longer than others.

We will all come to the close of our moment and must make our exit, I’ve heard it said “it is what we do between the dash that is most important.” In the beginning we were a thought in the heart of God, from the birth canal of the mother He chose we emerged from our comfortable growing place into the unknown of this world.

Our journey begins, as we grow and learn we are helped along the way and we help others on their journey. Each journey is different, the lessons we must learn are the same, however; we gain the knowledge through experiences tailor made for each of us. They are designed to bring us to the same realization at the end of our moment.

We began in the heart of God, we must live our moment that we can return to the heart of God. The choice is ours, how we live our moment is in our control; what we do between the dash has eternal consequences. The journey will not be one of ease, there will be trials, obstructions and pitfalls that must be overcome. We must show we are ready to be in Gods presence.

Our lessons must be completed, we must master how to live in love, peace, forgiveness, compassion and humility. At the end of our moment the memories we leave behind to those we leave should sing a love song in their hearts. Live your moment that your love song will leave this world a better place, your last note is heard and the your moment between the dash is written.

In mourning as I sit by the pool of grace


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