the denial

“It wasn’t me” was always the answer when mother would ask, knowing I had done something I shouldn’t have done. How many times have you found yourself denying something you were guilty of? We assume the truth will not be made known or we look for someone else to blame for our actions. Seldom do we consider the consequences before hand, but; after we have committed to the action we contemplate the repercussions.

Whatever we think is hidden will eventually come to the light, nothing remains hidden forever; nor do the consequences disappear. To deny a course of action you have taken is equivalent to a lie, the father of lies then compounds the situation with guilt; your heart feels the weight of that guilt causing anxiety over the truth being known. Peter denied his Lord 3 times, something he thought he would never do.

How many times have we denied Him? I know you are wondering in what ways that might have been done. Do you profess Jesus the Christ as your Lord and redeemer? Do you study His word? Do you think His character is reflected in you? If the answer is yes, have you fed the hungry, clothe the naked, sheltered the homeless, comforted the prisoner or the lonely; this is what he did.

Who have you forgiven as he has forgiven you? He spent His time among those others rejected as unworthy, if we have not done these things; we too have denied our Lord. We honor Him with our words but our actions say otherwise. Peter has left us a message of hope, he was sorry for the denial of his Lord and repented of his actions; forgiveness granted. We must recognize our lack of action.

Remove the false face we hide behind and seek the Lord with a surrender heart, ask for forgiveness; forgiveness will be granted and we can through the Holy spirit walk in the true character of Our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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