It’s just a meal

They were among the elite of their time, they were respected among men, and most were endowed with riches. When they spoke the people listened, it was hard for them to understand why this new man in town carried so much weight with the people; He was a common man after all, but the people loved Him. Everywhere He went large crowds would gather to hear Him speak, His words like fresh dew falling on their ears.

What was He telling them to cause their hearts to beat with joy, sing a new song, and desire to follow Him? After all He was just a simple man; there was nothing special about His appearance, He had no riches or dwelling place. What did they see in Him was the question on the minds of the Leaders. They needed to know, “who is this man?” As He was eating in the house of one with a low reputation they had to ask the question.

Why does your master eat with sinners? It was just a meal, but; it changed many hearts. How many of us today think about sharing a meal? Mealtime is when we come together with family and friends to enjoy each other as we partake of the blessing bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father, talk about the days events and sometimes plan for the next day. How often do we think about feeding that homeless man we pass on our way to work?

The elderly lady who lives alone two doors down our street or invite the single mother with all those kids we talk about to share our bounty at Thanksgiving, so often we say ” it must be hard to feed all those mouths”. Many of us have an abundance, yet; we fail to share even a little with the less fortunate. Many of us think what we have is to small to share, then there are those whos hearts are so full they share wither what they have is abundant or meager.

The simplest thing can often make the greatest impression, touch the heart or save a life. We all experience problems that come with life, they may differ, but; they effect us in the same ways. Anxiety, confusion, doubt, loneliness and fear. What would it cost to make a sandwich for that homeless man? Invite the elderly neighbor to our home or go visit her or help the struggling single mom feed her children?

It’s just a meal, but ; it could change a heart, heal a hurt, and give hope to those without or who have lost hope. Though life challenges us, we must learn to share each others burdens, after all we are brothers and sisters having the same Father; The Eternal One who loves us all unconditionally.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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