In the weeds

If you are a sportsman or know someone who is, this saying is one you may have heard before, sometimes it is said as “in the blind”. However, they both amount to the same thing, disguising yourself from your prey. When hunting for ducks the hunter hides in the bushes and uses a duck call to attract the ducks hoping for a good shot as they fly past him. In some cases it is very important to be as still and quiet as possible when hunting wild game, such as deer; the slightest movement can be detected and your shot for victory is lost.

Sometimes “in the weeds” is used to describe a circumstance, short on finances or caught in a compromising situation. Life is filled with possibilities, not all of them lead to a positive outcome; there will be times you find yourself “in the weeds”. Preparation is the key to success in any venture you embark upon. Being prepared for the unexpected circumstances aide in accomplishing your goal. Recognizing the obstacles that hinder you is very important, you need clarity of mind and vision.

In this game of life, you are the prey; everyday the enemy is hiding in the weeds to capture you. He sits quietly in the back ground waiting to entrap you. He calls to you with the things he hopes will lead you into his world of destruction. Where hate is present; he intensifies it, he will infect you with greed and selfishness, and he will cause confusion in your mind. What is wrong will seem to be right and what is right will appear to be wrong. It’s imperative your defense is in tact. The question is how do you fortify your defenses? Where do you find clarity?

The answer is sitting on the bookshelf most likely gathering dust, it’s basic instruction before leaving earth; the Bible. It’s pages are filled with ways to identify the pitfalls of the enemy, examples of those who over came his temptations and their source of strength and clarity; the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Through Him you do’t ever have to worry about who’s “in the weeds”, He has conquered this world; the enemy has lost the war. He came, died, and rose again that you could be a conqueror over the enemy. It’s all in the book, READ THE BIBLE.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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