Collector of Dreams

I’d like to tell you a story from my imagination, once upon a time; we all know that’s how stories begin, there was a young girl in search of success. Her dream was to be a famous play-writ,this dream lead her to a place called”Tinsel Town” where she met a up and coming actor. A great friendship developed between the two, she trusted him enough to share her dream; something she had never done before with anyone.

Her little notebook was kept close to her heart, but he had won her heart and she gave freely to him her hopes and dreams written in it’s pages. Time can change ones prospective, making a living took her in a different direction; dream deferred. After many years she saw her old friend again, only this time to her surprise he was her employer; now he was the talk of the town. His name was on everyone’s lips. As she was completing a task given her she began to recognize pieces of herself.

Notations of her life, she had found his secret; she had contributed to his success. He was a collector of dreams, only; they were other peoples dreams. There is another collector of dreams on the prowl, his desires are more sinister; he not only wants your dreams but your soul also. He dangles the carrot of success in your face hoping someone, anyone will reach for it. He dangles money hoping your hands will become addicted to the feel. Last but not least he hopes the Adrenalin rush you get from power over another will take control of you.

Most will not realize they’ve fallen for his trap until the door is closed and locked. The longer they linger in his darkness the stronger it’s grasp becomes, the harder to escape. They become so obsessed by fame, money, and power they have no desire to escape. For others the light given by the Dream Giver will resonate brighter and brighter as they draw closer to it’s fulfillment. Their patience and determination will lead to success without bondage. The love that dwells in the light will touch all it comes in contact with drawing them to the Light Giver.

The spark that became the dream was placed in the heart by it’s creator, a precious gift given by the hand of God. The dream collector will do whatever he can to cancel the dream God placed in the hearts of those who choose to love and trust in Him. Remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth, so guard your dreams, keep walking in the light, and always trust your Father knows whats best for you. Dreams deferred can open the door to the collector of dreams.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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