time travel

Syfy, a genre of books and movies that deal with the impossible made possible; the what if factor. How many of you would like or consider going back in time? Where would you go? What life event would you want to witness? I know this is all circumstantial, but; humor me. I’m sure some would like to witness the birth of Christ, the Crucifixion, or the Resurrection.

All of these are amazing events in history. There would be some who might want to just go back a few days or months, make right a situation they wish they could change; no more guilt or regret for words spoken in anger. Many of us wish we could do that, but; once said there is no taking it back. We often forget words have the power to hurt or to heal.

This is a experiment in what if’s, would you be a time traveler was the question? After careful thought my answer is yes. There are so many spectacular events in this world to be up front and center to view. The birth of nature, the very first star to grace the heavens, the first sunrise or moon rising, the first blade of grass or flower.

My greatest pleasure would be to see the special child , given by the greatest love to a world gone astray. Time travel is a fantasy, but; the gift of God’s love for man was a real event. The fall of Lucifer from the glory of heaven was a real event with eternal consequence’s. Satan is the proverbial time traveler, from century to century he has created havoc in the world.

In our world he continues to fan the fires of hate, greed, injustice and division. Throughout history satan has left his stain on every generation. We are not living in a imaginary story, our antagonist is a deadly foe; he is real and very present. As in times past his goal is to destroy all he can, he knows the hidden darkness of our hearts, weaknesses, and fears. How do we combat his attacks?

Who is the hero in our story? Where can we find help? Fear not, help took flight on a star and walked upon the same soil on which we tread. As in times past He too speaks hope to the souls of men, invades the dark with the light of truth, and brings freedom to the captive. Generation to generation His story of love spread from heart to heart erasing the hate, greed, and division in the hearts it touches.

The time traveler loses his power where love lives. The story is far from over, it’s ending has been written in the stars; until then we must continually walk in the light of truth, His word is truth. Soon the end will come, the time traveler will travel no more; the victory will belong to all who believes in Loves sacrifice.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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